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Administrator instructions

Administrator intervention against vandalism

This page is intended only for reports about active, obvious, and persistent vandals and spammers. Before posting here, please read the spam and vandalism pages, as well as the AIV guide. Don't forget that blocking is a last resort; if there is a less restrictive way to solve the problem, please pursue it. To submit a report, edit this page and follow the instructions at the top of the "User-reported" section. For other issues that require administrator intervention, file an external request for administrator attention.

Important! Please remember the following:
  1. The edits of the reported user must be obvious vandalism or obvious spam.
  2. Except for egregious cases, the user must have been given enough warning(s) to stop their disruptive behavior.
  3. The warning(s) must have been given recently and there must be reasonable grounds to believe the user(s) will further disrupt the site in the immediate future.
  4. The appropriate vandal template should be used if you decide that a report should be filed.
    • For logged-in users only: It should look like: *{{vandal|Example user}} concise reason e.g. vandalised past 4th warning. ~~~~
    • For IP users only: it should look like: *{{IPvandal|}} concise reason e.g. vandalised past 4th warning. ~~~~
  5. Requests for further sanctions against a blocked user (e.g., talk page, e-mail blocks) should be made at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents, as a bot automatically removes reports made here about accounts that are blocked.
  6. Reports of sockpuppetry should be made at Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations unless the connection between the accounts is obvious and disruption is recent and ongoing.
This noticeboard can quickly grow backlogged. The guidelines above are in place to help administrators focus on the most urgent issues. Administrators typically act quickly when apprised of clear vandalism and disruption. Before notifying administrators at another forum about a backlog on this page, consider whether the remaining reports are actionable. Stale reports are automatically cleared by SQLBot after 4–8 hours with no action.
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  • Ck4829 (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • nuke contribs • logs • filter log • block user • block log) WP:NOTHERE, WP:DISRUPT, WP:RUNAWAY and WP:GAMING - Editor may have been systematically and deliberately making disruptive edits over an extended period of time and may be gaming Wikipedia by adding POV categories on mass, distributed over a wide range of articles. The user appears to be attaching these categories to anyone and anything with far-right views. The editor rarely communicates. The editor added to dozens of subjects that have not been involved in terrorism of any kind. The user has admitted to deliberate disruptive editing, stating on their talk page that "I meant to disrupt and I succeeded, guilty." There is currently a discussion about the users editing happening here. The user received a temporary block on the 18th of March for this behavior, so I thought I'd wait to see if the editor would refrain from the offending behaviors, but they have not, in fact they've gotten back to it with gusto, like this edit and a several other made almost immediately after the block expired. Bacondrum (talk) 07:12, 21 March 2019 (UTC)
  • Not an issue for AIV. Take it to AN or ANI. Black Kite (talk) 07:42, 21 March 2019 (UTC)