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Tip of the day

How to make redirects appear green to you

Here is a trick to make redirected wikilinks stand out by turning them green instead of blue! This is especially useful when working on navigation aids like lists and outlines, where you need to be sure a link leads to where it says it links to. This quick and easy solution uses customized CSS:

Go to your Preferences, click on the "Appearance" tab, and click the "Custom CSS" to the right of the skin you use. It opens a page to edit, and you can add the following code (just copy and paste it):

.mw-redirect {
color: #006633;
.mw-redirect:visited {
color: #009900;
.mw-redirect:hover {
color: #990000;
.mw-redirect:active {
color: #990000;

Save the page, and reload (bypass your browser cache) and/or (Purge) the Wikipedia server to force the new CSS to be included. All redirects will now show up as green links! If you prefer a different color, you can modify them by using six-digit hex codes.