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Amazing Stories Quarterly, fall 1929, cover art by Wesso

Hans Waldemar Wessolowski (Graudenz, Germany August 19, 1893 – New York City 1947) was an artist best known for his many cover illustrations for early pulp magazines like Amazing Stories, Astounding Stories, Strange Tales [1] and Clues. His nickname in pulp world was "Wesso" and it is this name that is most commonly cited wherever his art is given credit.

According to Gail Thompson, the great niece of Wesso's wife, Minnie Ross Wessolowski, Hans Wesso came to America in June 1914 in New Orleans, where he jumped ship and swam to shore.


The following is a partial list of his published artwork, according to William Contento's website 'The FictionMags Index' and the French website 'Noosfere':

  • interior artwork in Clues 1928 July #1, #2, August #1, #2, October #1 and 2, December #1
  • interior artwork in Clues 1929 January #2,
  • interior artwork in Clues 1930 April #1, May #1 and #2, June #2, July #2
  • interior artwork in Clues August 1934
  • interior artwork in Clues 1937 May, June, July August, October
  • cover for Air Adventures Oct 1928
  • cover for The Danger Trail Oct 1928
  • cover for Air Adventures Nov 1928
  • cover for The Danger Trail Nov 1928
  • cover for Adventure Trails 1929 January, February, April
  • cover for Amazing Stories 1929 September, October, November, December
  • cover for Wide World Adventures Sept 1929
  • cover for Clues Nov #2 1929
  • cover for Wide World Adventures May 1930
  • cover for Clues 1931 June, November, December
  • covers for all 7 consecutive issues of Strange Tales from September 1931 to January 1933
  • cover for Clues 1932 April
  • cover for Amazing Stories Aug 1930
  • covers for the first 34 consecutive issues of Astounding Magazine from Jan 1930 to March 1933
  • cover for Astounding Stories 1937 September, November
  • cover for Astounding Stories 1938 Jan, March, June, August


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